Bending Light

Playing around with the lens baby control freak in Downtown Shreveport. 

If I would have taken one of the photos with a regular lens, let’s just say a wide angle, it would have no interesting values.. The picture would not jump out and grab you. It would be a flat depiction with no point. 

The more I think about it, the more I realize that life is a bit like that. 

Perspective.. It’s all about perspective. How I look at something vs. someone else’s point of view. You can take a situation, and look at the flat, dull, and often disappointing side of things. But with light, (“let’s shine some light on this situation”) your understanding and grasp of what is happening broadens. You are able to see things with greater detail. With this light you have the ability to see “the bigger picture.” 

Often times that isn’t enough. As with these shots. I bent the light… The light that gave perfect detail to every inch of these shots. BENT. No, I didn’t break it, the light still shines, but I am no longer able to see every detail. Blind of the big picture. I’m left tunnel visioned, only viewing the areas that I want. 

But, sometimes, in order to appreciate something you have to bend the light. You have to focus in and look beyond the bigger picture.  You just can’t get stuck seeing things in slices. I’ve learned to focus in and appreciate the details  in a scene, but before looking away I step back and take it all in before making the decision to move to the next shot. It allows me to see the bigger picture while appreciating everything it has to offer.